I have worked with you over a number of years and on a variety of projects over three continents. On each occasion I was seeking not just a good photograph but to capture the mood and character of a small part of the rich experience and you did not fail to deliver. Your photographs are authentic, raw and vibrant representations of the subtle details I wish to convey. The fact that in all those years, for any of the hundreds of pictures you have taken, nothing has been staged is even more powerful for me and I think it’s fair to say that there are very few people who have helped my work as much. Many thanks for that rare partnership.
— Gordie Owles, Director, Kaskazi Communications
Martin Vivian Pearse is an excellent photographer and a top bloke. We’ve commissioned him to do several shoots for R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine over the years and are always impressed with the results. He’s got a great eye, is technically astute, has the right kit and the right attitude to get things done. I’ve spent time with him in the bush and admire his low-key approach to working in difficult and potentially dangerous environments. He has the attention-to-detail, physical competence and inherent practicality that ensures things are done safely and well. I look forward to working with Martin in the future.
— Mark Muller, Editor-in-Chief, RM Williams Publishing

I draw inspiration from becoming submersed in and with my subject, with participatory observations of locations, lifestyles, cultures, people, events and activities providing a unique and dynamic photographic perspective. From living with the Maasai in Northern Tanzania; sailing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; mustering cattle in the Northern Territory I have actively lived the images that I take. I studied Fine Art at Central St Martins in London, I was soon off following my heart and passion for the natural world and became a field guide in South Africa and then in the Masai Mara, Kenya. My explorations continued when I skippered a yacht from England to Australia where I have happily settled. 

I am currently based in Sydney where I shoot for leading domestic and international publishers, brands and events, I also offer private shoots for individuals, please contact me via email at martinvivianpearse@me.com or via 0481120449.

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